Saturday, October 12, 2013

Vossen Rims: How to protect your wheel from being damaged?

Vossen rims are the best available wheels for your carf
Have you ever seen a car passing off by you having scratches on their expensive wheels? Yes you must have. There must be number of cars around you having scratches on their rims or the metal is scratched. The reason behind this is carelessness or ignorance but this cost much, so today we will discuss how to protect your wheels.
The main damage to your wheel is caused by scraping a curb. Usually wheels edge protrudes beyond the wheel edge or spokes that curve outwards and that usually cause curb rash. Sometimes these rashes cannot be avoided during drive but mostly they happen during parallel parking.  So a smooth parallel parking is required to keep your wheels in a good shape. Although it is a most difficult driving skill to have but practice a lot to save your expensive wheels from being damaged.
The other damage your wheels can have is during cleaning or washing. It all rest on the fact that what are you using to clean your wheels. The most inappropriate tool to clean the wheels and rims is steel wool. The other culprit is the acid. Both just kill the beauty and glamour of your wheels. Any cleanser that instructs to be washed off within 5 minutes must have acid in it so just go for that. So take a gentle soap and water for washing or any non-acid cleanser if required. Mostly, commercial car washers use acid base cleanser for quick results. So keep an eye on them. Winters are also tough for wheels. Wet roads and salt water damages the chrome plated wheels. Having a spare set of less expensive wheels can be good option to avoid any damage.

20" Vossen Wheels VVSCV2 CV2 Matte Black 2007+ BMW M3 E92 E93

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